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Car Designer

Design and race an ultra efficient racer

Project Summary

As part of Shells global Eco-Marathon event they asked us to create an interactive that helped explain the context behind the competition in an engaging way. In partnership with Quivvervision we developed this augmented reality app that turned visitors hand drawn creations into digital race cars.

Lead creative
The App

In partnership with Quivvervision we developed an app that took users drawings from paper to big screen in a smooth and intuitive experience.

Firstly, users were invited to choose one of two available designs (Urban Concept or Prototype) printed as blueprint pages, once selected they decorated them using coloured pens and stickers provided, when happy visitors used iPads to make their creation come to life. Once scanned with the app, they then chose an energy type and undertook a technical inspection (as the cars do in reality) and when passed took to to the track to see how far it would go. As the cars ran out of fuel they arrived at a final destination - one of six preset landmarks we created in 3D - ranging from Blackpool Pier to Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Turkey.

Finally, users named their car by randomly choosing names from out generator.


As well as seeing their creation up of the big screen users could also share their design online by using Facebook's Messenger App and a Chatbot created specially for the event.

The Process

The project took two months to develop, from initial concept to delivery. The developers Qivvervision were based in New Zealand so feedback involved early morning calls and late emails. animation studio Mr. Kaplin build the 3D models what were incorporated into the app.

my role

As lead creative I was responsible for the the overall art direction, liaising with client, developers and animators right down to hands on design and UX.

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