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A Festival of Ideas and Innovation

Shell - Make the Future

The Race

Shell Eco-marathon is a global competition for design and engineering students to build cars that can travel the furthest on a litre of fuel.

Shell was looking to reinforce its association with innovation and inspire millennials to consider a career in science, technology, engineering or maths.  

The Event

As well as following the race, visitors were able to learn about energy in a number of surprising ways. 

From running as fast as you can in a huge inflatable zorb, creating the perfect energy mix for a whole country or understanding how old coffee grounds can be used to generate electricity. The event had a huge number of attractions that both educated visitors of the importance of energy conservation and how Shell was leading the way.


Visitors to the event were able to collect souvenirs from each of the attractions they visited. Hosted on shell.com, these could be shared online creating a greater reach for the event.

To help publicise the event we took over Shells Instagram account, placing a huge 9 tiled 3d render of the space, letting users  zoom in and explore the event before they visited.

As art director for the event I was responsible for overseeing the digital and interactive elements of the event - from CO2 cutting games, digital souvenirs to social media content publicising the event.
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